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Date:2014-6-7 11:23:37  From:Zhongye?Machinery?Manufacturing?Co., Ltd.

A, steel selection guide
1, a "steel: suitable for all kinds of soft and neutrally stratified rock digging, trenching work.
2, the cross head steel: suitable for fine particle and neutral concrete and soft non stratified rock fragmentation.
3, flat steel: crushing is suitable for medium hardness of stones or rupture of small stones, which further smaller.
The replacement of two, drill steel
1, remove the retaining pin and 330mm long steel pin, re install the steel is placed after the steel pin, insert
2, re install the steel, according to the demolition order to the contrary when, should first check whether the parts wear, rupture. Such as steel deformation, should be polished after the repair, the steel pins and steel parts coated with oil, then the steel installation; if steel pin deformation is serious, difficult to replace steel, so every 100-150 hours of work, should check!
Three, steel direction
Steel and small arm direction should be consistent, the rock surface steel and homework should be vertical. If the surface of steel and rock is not vertical, during operation, steel may slip. When broken, the steel fully adjusted, in a stable condition, click Select rock impact work.
Four, the matters needing attention in operation
1, the downward force to improve the efficiency of hammer.
2, adjust the hammer position - breaking hammer impact operation can not be crushed rock, should move to a new job position.
3, crushing operation shall not be continued in the same position, such as persistence operations in the same position, will make the steel temperature rise, reducing the hardness of the steel, the lower scroll up, thereby reducing the work efficiency.
4, don't take steel as leverage.
5, in the water device, prohibit the operation in water:
In the undistributed underwater equipment before, will not be submerged hydraulic breaking hammer in any part; used in the water hammer, need to configure the water equipment and can produce 6000LPM/150PSL air compressor;
Note: in the anhydrous equipment and air compressor under water work may cause internal damage to crushing hammer
6, leaving the equipment before, to reduce the small arm, confirm equipment is in a safe state; at the start of the engine state, forbidden to leave the equipment all brakes and locking devices are to be used effectively.
The replacement of steel
The use of steel often time will result in lower roll deformation, if steel end by wear, steel is easy to slip, the drill rod end to grinding sharp, steel after repeated grinding will reduce the hardness. If the spacing between the steel and the guide sleeve is too large, the piston cannot accurately hit the bar, damage. If the distance is more than 9mm should replace the drill rod and the guide sleeve.

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