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Date:2014-6-7 11:40:10  From:Zhongye?Machinery?Manufacturing?Co., Ltd.

The production of seamless pipe is inserted into the pipe body forms an annular groove with roller of the pipe forming tool. To use the mandrel continuous tube rolling machine rolling pipe, pipe cross rolling elongation, pilger rolling tube, pipe and pipe cold drawing at. Rod is a long rod and the plug in the deformation zone in pipe, different oblique rolling mandrel in the tube with tube rotate while doing axial movement; longitudinal rolling (continuous rolling pipe, pilger pipe jacking, the mandrel) does not rotate but also with moving axially.
In the floating mandrel and MPM machine (see continuous rolling machine rolling mandrel pipe), is an important tool, which in addition to the requirements of high strength and high wear resistance material manufacture, the surface quality is also very high request, such as turning to the grinding and heat treatment. Floating mandrel is very long (up to 30m) heavy (up to 12t). The retained mandrel length slightly shorter, but the material requirements of higher. On the use of mandrel pipe should be able to withstand the thrust force of great. Pilger mandrel work long time heating. The mandrel of skew rolling mill tension rod, floating mandrel mandrel, and rollback type retained mandrel.
Pull mandrel mandrel work axial velocity is larger than the axial velocity (see the pipe cross rolling elongation), a tensile force is applied on the inner surface of the pipe. The fallback mandrel is axially moving mandrel axial direction and the opposite direction, plug tension applied. Low cross rolling elongation requirement of mandrel than vertical rolling mill.

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